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Assemble your own watch in Porrentruy

More and more people show an interest for the world of watchmaking, and they would like to know how exactly a watch is made. The workshops offered by the Fondation Horlogère are open to a wide public, and the participants can get acquainted with this attractive and fascinating art. Whether they are children, adolescents, or adults: they will learn all the interesting details about the manufacturing of watches, and not least, assemble their very own !  

All workshops take place at the location of the Fondation Horlogère and can be booked separately. They are limited to a maximum of 5 participants each, except for groups. The workshops enable the participants to understand the functionality of a watch, and they can take home their own mechanical or skeleton watch that they have assembled themselves. Each participant of a group is given the possibility to work on a movement just like the watchmakers do.  

Prices and opening hours
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or tel. +41(0) 32 466 72 10

Good to know
The following workshops are offered :

  • Introduction to watchmaking  
  • Assembly of a mechanical watch  
  • Assembly of a skeleton watch  
  • Assembly of a children’s watch  
  • Workshop for groups   

Fondation Horlogère
Rue Pierre Péguignat 6
CP 185
2900 Porrentruy
T. +41 (0) 32 466 72 10

Assemble your own watch in Porrentruy