Fondation horlogère, Porrentruy

  • Clock of St. Petersburg, Porrentruy
  • Fondation horlogère, Porrentruy
  • Fondation horlogère, Porrentruy

"We were in Porrentruy for the last St. Martin's market. Once we had finished our shopping, we were intrigued by a poster for the Fondation Horlogère inviting passers-by to visit the "salon des métiers d'art de l'Horlogerie et de la Bijouterie" exhibition in the Jesuit Church. We were intrigued to learn about the work of the "acheveur", who assembles watch cases. A little further on, a lady showed us how the faces are enamelled. So much precision and attention to detail! We quickly realised the sort of artists and enthusiastic professionals we were dealing with. Yet they took the time to share some of their know-how with us."

Alice and her sister


Fondation Horlogère
Rue Pierre Péguignat 6
2900 Porrentruy
T. +41 (0) 32 466 72 10

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