Watchmaking circuit, Porrentruy

  • The Foucault pendulum, Porrentruy
  • Clock of the Porte de France, Porrentruy
  • Sundial, Porrentruy

"In Porrentruy I saw a famous passer-by: Time. It is hard to keep track of, especially as it changes its appearance from place to place. In the botanical garden, it teases the planet with the Foucault pendulum, then hides behind the inscriptions of the sundials. It peeks through the pinhole sundial at the former Jesuit College and obeys Joshua at the fall of Jericho. It is also unpredictable at the museum, where it evokes prestigious watchmaking brands with their delicate movements and finely wrought case bodies, but also reminds us that the wristwatch is a child of war and that the semi-precious stone workshops used to ring with a deafening sound. Although Time sleeps at the Fondation Horlogère like a collection of rare fossils, it does occasionally deign to awaken the creaking movement of a centuries-old clock in the tower of the Porte de France - a tick-tock machine of a bygone age."

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