"A cheese cake makes a perfect appetiser - but what about a sweet one? I take a bite and find the tangy taste quite unusual and interesting. With my second mouthful, I overcome my surprise and my taste buds are convinced. My sister is with us and she has a completely different experience. Our host sums it up rather well - toétché is something you either love or hate. There is no middle ground!"


The only savoury cream cake in Switzerland, Toétché is made with sour cream. This typical Jura speciality is an integral part of St. Martin's meal and is served as a dessert. It is also a common local appetiser.

Good to know
The special feature of this cake is that its recipe was created by country women and to this day it is still made by them in the region. It can also be found at all good bakeries.


Toétché recipe | PDF, 42 kB