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The Doubs by canoe

"For our school outing, we had the chance to travel down the Doubs by canoe or kayak, accompanied by two instructors. First they gave us a little theory lesson, then it was time to head for the water. We had to turn around first, so they showed us how to do that. Then we set off. Going down-river is really good fun! Our teacher splashed us so much, we were soaked by the end! It was great. I would jump at the chance to do it again."

Cloé, 13

The use of canoes depends on the level of water in the river. The rate of flow must be at least 6m3 per second. You can find out the rate of flow a day in advance from 17.00 p.m. by calling the number T. +41 (0) 32 461 33 07 (answering machine) or on the following website.

Good to know
Canoes can be hired from Goumois, Clairbief, Soubey or Tariche.

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