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Chêne des Bosses

"As a great enthusiast of nature and the landscapes of the Jura, particularly the Franches-Montagnes, I already knew the 1:50000 map of noteworthy trees almost by heart. All the same, as I walked in the Valley of Delémont in Châtillon, I came across the Chêne des Bosses for the first time. As you approach it, you get a real sense of its size. Its undulating trunk, branches and leaves are very impressive. But you have to get very close to it to realise just how small you are beside it. Incidentally, it is also in the record books!"

Henri, a nature lover

The Chêne des Bosses in Chatillon, a remarkable part of the natural heritage of the Jura, is protected as a historic monument by the Jura environment office. This exceptional tree, which owes its name to its old, twisted trunk full of bumps and bulges, is regarded as the largest and oldest pedunculate oak in Europe and also listed in the record books. Its trunk is so large, it would take seven or eight men with outstretched arms to reach around the base. Its age is hard to determine, though it is known to be many centuries old. According to legend, it may even be over a thousand years old. During the Second World War, soldiers tried to date it by core drilling, but without success.

Good to know

  • The Chêne des Bosses owes its longevity to its extraordinary constitution but also its location. Sheltered from strong winds, it enjoys ideal light conditions that have helped it to grow. In the old days, the acorns it produced were a precious feed for pigs, which made the tree worth preserving.
  • The Chêne des Bosses is mentioned in many legends. One of them tells us that when a young man married a girl from the village, he had to plant an oak tree on the wedding night. The story does not say what the young bride did to pass the time...
  • An educational trail leads visitors from the centre of the village of Châtillon to the famous oak.

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