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Gorges du Pichoux

"The name means '1,000 springs'. It is true that the gorges created by the Sorne include an impressive number of springs, where water gushes from the limestone rocks when it rains heavily. A path leads up from the cantonal road to an impressive dam caught between the rugged walls of the gorges. The dam gives rise to the Lac Vert, a scenic treasure. Split into two, the river flows into the lake. Another spring casts its waters to one side. As you continue on the path along the lake, you cross the border between the two cantons of Jura and Bern. The path ends at the foot of one of the three waterfalls upstream of the lake. It is a magical, wild, calm and wonderful place where you will meet ramblers and a few anglers, who are more inclined to enjoy the place than catch any fish. Mind you, the trout around here are excellent."


The Undervelier region lies at the heart of the Gorges du Pichoux, which are listed in the federal inventory of natural landscapes, sites and monuments. This typical gap in the folded Jura houses springs of remarkable quality. An extremely rare species of mayfly (Baetis nubecularis) was discovered here in 2002. It is only found in the cold and oxygen-rich waters of the Jura.
Nearby, the valley of Soulce boasts diverse vegetation with an extraordinary variety of plants and wilflife. Here you will find varied environments ranging from rough pastures and areas with more than 20 species of orchid to the springs where the streams teem with salamanders.

Good to know
The "Lac Vert" at the bottom of the gorges is also worth a visit. An ideal place for a picnic in the great outdoors.

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