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All about the Tête de Moine

"To celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday, we immersed ourselves in the History of the Jura (the area he came from). We went to Bellelay to visit the abbey and above all the Tête de Moine cheese farm. Our visit started with the little museum on the first floor. It was interesting to see, for example, how the posters advertising the cheese had changed over the years and the various types of girolle cheese cutters, the grating tool. We then watched a film tracing the history of Tête de Moine before going into the old cellar, and seeing the cauldron used to make the cheese. We watched the cheeses being put into moulds and then came to the best thing: tasting the rosettes of cheese. How wonderful to eat cheese in the shape of a flower!"


On offer at all three sites, Bellelay, Saignelégier and St-Imier:

  • The making of Tête de Moine AOP
  • In Bellelay : old-style production
  • Film and interactive exhibition.
  • Smelling samples, discovery box and magic Girolle cheese-cutting tool.
  • Drawing workshop, souvenir photo and shop.

Good to know

  • Bellelay also offers: the Tête de Moine AOP and cheese historical museum, abbey tour and snacks.
  • Opening hours, prices and practical information:


All about the Tête de Moine | PDF, 5.45 MB

Interprofession Tête de Moine
Rue de l'Envers 16
CH-2610 St-Imier
T. + 41 (0) 32 941 77 77

All about the Tête de Moine

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