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"We took advantage of an open day to go and see the dinosaur tracks in Courtedoux. Clearly we weren't the only ones to have had that idea, given the number of vehicles parked at the junction in Chevenez. It was a rainy morning, so we had done well to put our boots on before going to the site. We quickly joined a group led by a palaeontologist who offers a guided tour. We learned that the climate of the region in those days was quite similar to that of the Bahamas today. Although our guide was a scientist, he gave clear explanations of the dinosaur species that had left their tracks on the stone slabs. It was incredible to think that we were looking at the remains of a walk on the beach, many millions of years later. We wondered whether our children would one day find the tracks that we must have left on the beaches on our holidays."

Manon and Yann

The JURASSICA Museum is more than just a museum. Several satellites in close proximity offer a host of activities to help visitors explore and experience the region’s natural heritage. The aim is to facilitate a first-hand experience in the field outside the usual museum environment.

Excavations at the Banné: searching for a treasure in the Jura’s earth
Discover fossils from 152 million years ago. This satellite consists of an excavation site and an information pavilion in the countryside. Equipped with a palaeontologist’s gear, you can dig up your own fossils of marine animals that thrived in the Jurassic ocean. An original and fun activity for young and old.

Theme trail “Tracking the Giants”
Enjoy a one-hour walk on a theme trail in the forest near Courtedoux. Along the way, information panels (in French and German) help you discover authentic dinosaur tracks, some of which measuring more than 1 metre in diameter and originating from a possibly 30-metre long sauropod. 

Dinotec: a window into the past
The palaeontological heritage site highlights no fewer than 100 dinosaur footprints, including those of a fearsome carnivorous theropod known as Allosaurus. For a one-of-a-kind experience, come discover the footprints in the evening. Relics of the past meet technological innovation – tablets are available for an interactive experience in augmented reality. Access to the site is free, and the tablets can be rented at the museum.

Good to know

  • ​On some fixed dates, JURASSICA offers guided geological hikes during the summer, and upon reservation.
  • The JURASSICA museum in Porrentruy presents fossil collections from the Jura, some of which are important for the history of paleontology. The fossils found at the A16 will also be exhibited there at a later time. 


Theme trail - Map | PDF, 344 kB

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