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Observatory, Vicques

"Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by the planets, stars and asteroids, so I signed up for an "extracurricular" astronomy course. Over four evenings, I learned about the Observatory and how it works, using the telescope to look at the stars and even see a planet. It was fantastic to see everything for real rather than on television and I felt like a proper stargazer. Now I know all about the skies above - well, almost anyway!"

Michel, 15, head in the clouds

The observatory, where the Jura astronomer Michel Ory discovered a comet, offers daytime and nighttime tours (booking required). School outings are welcome.

Daytime tour

  • Tour of the observatory
  • Sunspot viewing with a filter
  • Solar corona viewing with a coronograph
  • Short theory lesson (customised)
  • Duration: about 1-2h

Nighttime tour

  • Tour of the observatory
  • Viewing of the constellations
  • Viewing of the moon and planets
  • Short theory lesson (customised)
  • Duration: about 1-2h

Price: CHF 150.00 (up to 15-20 people)

Good to know
A whole night at the observatory with all the available instruments and the support of a specialist: CHF 400.00 (up to 5 people).

Observatoire astronomique jurassien
Damien Lachat
Prés Liavas 27A
2854 Bassecourt
T. +41 (0) 76 337 81 25

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