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Feast of St. Martin

"After a stop-off in Porrentruy to visit the market, the shuttle bus takes us to Chevenez, a pleasant little village bursting at the seams that weekend. The festival hall was soon full, while the neighbouring tent rang to the sound of reed pipes and dancing volunteers. The table was laden with a plethora of pork dishes, commemorating the countryfolk's traditional sacrifice of a pig during the first fortnight in November. Anything that could be preserved was sent to the vault for curing. But there was so much meat left that had to be eaten straight away. So a huge meal was organised, comprising no less than nine courses and known as St. Martin's meal. Those with small appetites should stay away, but that isn't a problem for me. I stuck around and the party went on all night!"

Jean, 40

When November comes, the countryside reaches the end of its annual cycle. The harvests have been brought in and most of the farm work is done. It is a time to pause for a while and take the opportunity to celebrate. Even today, families enjoy the feast of St. Martin while restaurants offer the meal on their menus for three weekends, either before, during or after the traditional festival. One week before the feast, the farmers slaughter a pig that will provide the makings of the gigantic meal. The menu varies slightly from family to family and nowadays tends to be lighter than the traditional meal.

Good to know
On the weekend of the feast and the following weekend, known as the "Revira", Porrentruy holds a market selling local and home-made products.


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