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Around Delémont

"The weather was nice and the children wanted to be outdoors, so we decided to get our bikes out and head for the region of Delémont. We found out there was a roundtrip tour through the surrounding villages which was a nice surprise. The route took us partly through fields and lush vegetation, partly along the Sorne river, and finally to Delémont. We made a little detour to the camp site to have an ice-cream by the water. The waterfall there is quite impressive. After a great day we returned to Basel very happy!"  

Piotr, Marianne and family

Route: Delémont train station - Le Colliard - Courroux - Courcelon - Vicques - Courrendlin - Châtillon - Courtételle - Courfaivre - Develier - Delémont  
Distance: 28 km

Medium, gradient 290m 

Good to know

  • Delémont train station - Courcelon, follow the MTB Route 703 via Le Colliard.
  • Courcelon – Vicques – Courrendlin Châtillon, follow the bike trails stating the locations.
  • Châtillon – Courtételle, follow the main road.
  • Courtételle – Courfaivre – Develier – Delémont, follow the bike trails stating the locations.
  • A shortcut on the bike trail Courtételle – Delémont is possible.
  • From Vicques to Courchapoix and from Courfaivre to Glovelier, use the bike trails.
  • Sightseeing: the old town of Delémont, the Roman Villa in Vicques, the taxidermist (2.5 km from Vicques) as well as the old oak tree in Châtillon.



Map of the route | PDF, 1.30 MB
Profile of the route | PDF, 198 kB
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