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Basel - Franches-Montagnes Route (route no. 23)

"It was this spring, on a beautiful morning in May, that I decided to take a cycle tour. I opted for one end of route 23, "Basle-Franches-Montagnes". Setting off from the capital of Jura, I reached Bellelay, birthplace of Tête de Moine cheese. The route begins in a very calm and flat environment, passing through the villages of the valley of Delémont. The sunshine and the cool morning air were there to greet me. However, the route quickly changes at the start of the Gorges of Pichoux before reaching the final destination. These gorges are a mystical and magnificent place - enough to make you forget that you are riding uphill!"


The full route comprises 2 stages between Basle and Tramelan.

Section 1: Basle - Delémont
Distance: 45 km
Gradient: 320 m

Section 2: Delémont - Tramelan
Distance: 36 km
Gradient: 700 m

Physically: medium
Technically: medium

Good to know

  • The first section runs along the river Birs to Delémont and presents no particular difficulties.
  • The second stage leads from the Valley of Delémont to the Franches-Montagnes, with a difference of around 500 m in altitude between the two regions. The route passes through the village of Undervelier followed by the Gorges of Pichoux, a picturesque place where nature is still preserved.
  • Don't miss: Bellelay, the home village of Tête de Moine cheese and its abbey-church, as well as Les Genevez with its rural museum.


Profile of the full route | PDF, 91 kB
Profile Basle - Delémont | PDF, 87 kB
Profile Delémont - Tramelan | PDF, 94 kB
Undervelier and its surroundings | PDF, 155 kB
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Basel - Franches-Montagnes Route (route no. 23)

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