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"Concentrate, concentrate…. Release the bow string! The scene is set: four people standing in a row in a forest or pasture, a chair and some arrows, with different colours for each participant. Fifteen metres away, a conventional or 3D target. As we were all beginners, they started by explaining the technique and the safety precautions to take. After a few test arrows to adjust the elevation (angle), the competition begins. Each person shoots five arrows before going to the target, calculating their points and removing their arrows. Once you have worked out the elevation, the main problem is compensating for width, because the aiming eye is next to the shaft of the arrow, not behind it. You hold the bow firmly with your hand and pull it upright with the arrow attached to the string. You aim and brace the string, then, without moving, you release the string... There you have it - now it's your turn to try."


Course with seven stations and various targets and distances, at the entrance to the Swin Golf La Caquerelle.

Opening times
Reservation is required.

Adult: CHF 20.00
Kind: CHF 12.00
Accompanied activity: CHF 30.00

Good to know

  • Arches for everybody from the age of 10
  • Special offers for groups upon request.

Maison du Tourisme
Route de Lorette 1
2882 St-Ursanne
T. +41 (0) 32 461 00 00

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