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Helitrans, helicopter flights

"It was on a Saturday afternoon when a friend said to me, "follow me and don't ask any questions." I was intrigued so I went along... We arrived in a big field just outside the village and I saw a helicopter in front of me (naively I wondered what it was doing there). Very soon I realised that I had been invited for my first flight - what a thrill! Before I had time to think about it, I was being helped on board, right up front next to the pilot and... off we went! First we climbed and then flew over the village... and all of a sudden I could see my garden far below. Then we continued our tour of the Franches-Montagnes, flying over pastures and fir trees and making sudden, spectactular changes of direction. It's magical to see your country from above - everything is so different and it makes you feel so small!"


Helitrans offers different types of flights ranging from first flights, taxi services and "wedding" flights to film and photography flights.
Hire: rates vary depending on the chosen service.

Good to know
Fine food flight: discover the fine foods of the region with a flight including a gourmet meal.

Joseph Noirjean
Route Principale 38
2718 Lajoux
T. +41 (0) 79 338 19 06

Helitrans, helicopter flights

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