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Hot-air balloon flights

"The extraordinary shots of planet Earth created by the photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand are a real fascination for me. Leafing through the book devoted to them, I suddenly decide to satisfy my curiosity and discover this magical world. The opportunity arises when a friend suggests that we take a hot-air balloon flight. We arrange the take-off for early the next morning in a pasture outside the town. The weather conditions are ideal; no wind and just a little haze. My fear of heights quickly vanishes. Once I am settled in the gondola, I lose my fear of vertigo. The balloon rises majestically into the sky, offering me a 360-degree view of the wonderful and varied landscapes rolling past beneath my feet. In the distance, I can see the shaded autumn colours of the Jura forests blending into each other. It is an experience full of beauty and admiration. Seeing the earth from the sky is an intense and calming sensation that I hope everyone will be able to enjoy some day."

Anne-Marie Maître, employee of Jura Tourisme

The Société des aérostiers de Saignelégier (Saignelégier Society of Balloonists) offers passenger flights. s vary according on the number of people on board. Of course, this type of service depends on the weather conditions.

Société des aérostiers de Saignelégier (Saignelégier Society of Balloonists)
Case postale 56
2714 Les Genevez

Hot-air balloon flights

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