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Outdoor climbing

"Our 7th year camp was called a "multi-sport camp". A week of sport, a week to let off steam before going back to school. I remember vividly, it was a Tuesday, a beautiful sunny day. The activity that day was climbing in the Sommêtres. I was looking forward to climbing some "real" mountains for the first time as I had already experienced climbing indoors. I quickly realised how different the two disciplines are. When I found myself at the foot of that huge rocky mass, I shuddered just for a moment... But there was no way I could be discouraged so soon. The pairs formed very quickly and it was time for some physical effort. The most important thing is to trust the person belaying you. If you don't, you cannot be at your ease and the fear of falling is intense. Some find their feet more easily and gain height at a good pace. Little by little you become more confident and it is huge fun. An ideal activity for freeing your mind and enjoying nature."

Ines, student


Rocher des Sommêtres
The south face offers plenty of opportunities for all levels of climbing. At the summit there is a cross not far from the mountain refuge of the GAFM (Franches-Montagnes Mountaineering Association).
Access: In Le Noirmont, take the Rue du 23-Juin, turning right onto Rue St-Hubert. Drive towards the church and follow the Rue du Pylône to the left a little further up, which descends and turns into a forest path. Turn right at the first fork in the forest then, at the next junction, take the road to the right, following it to the bottom of the valley (two hairpin bends). As you drive 50m down the path, a track leads up towards the foot of the rocks (about 20 minutes from Le Noirmont). A scree path leads along the rocks to the climbing routes.

La falaise de Clairbief
Located in the forest and exposed to the south with a maximum height of 15 metres, the cliff takes the form of a slightly sloping limestone slab made of very compact rock and dotted with many holes.

La falaise de la Heutatte - Soubey
Also located in the forest and exposed to the south, the cliff takes the form of limestone monoliths ranging in height from 10 to 30 metres and spread over approximately 300 metres along the valley of the Doubs.

Good to know
Maps of the various routes and plenty of information can be found in the guide:
Escalade dans le Jura / Kletterführer Jura (Jura climbing guide)
St-Imier - Delémont
Authors: Pascal Burnand / Germain Paratte
2008 edition, published by: Club Alpin Suisse CAS
Price: CHF 49.00


Les Alpes magazine article 05/2006 | PDF, 484 kB

Rocher des Sommêtres
Germain Paratte
Petit-Bâle 11
2612 Cormoret
T. +41 (0) 32 944 18 71

Jean-Marc Castella
2338 Muriaux
T. +41 (0) 32 951 21 08

Falaises de Clairbief et de La Heutatte
Stephan Paillard
Impasse de la Gendarmerie 1
25470 Indevillers
T. +41 (0) 33 3 81 44 48 83

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