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Sled dogs - all year round

"To celebrate my birthday, somebody had a great idea: dog sledding. When we arrived in the Franches-Montagnes, I still didn't know what was in store. But once I got there and saw all those dogs in the car and the three sleds on the roof, I guessed straight away! We had somebody with us to tell us what to do and to guide us. First they gave us a short lesson on harnessing the dogs. Then we had to put theory into practice by attaching the harnesses to the dogs ourselves! Next, they put the dogs in position. Each dog had its place - the lighter ones in front and the stronger ones behind. Then we were able to set off. Despite the cold, it was a wonderful ride! At the end, we even had the chance to stroke the dogs! These ones are really fantastic! The surprise had worked!"

Cloé, 13

Jura Escapades offers different types of activities all year round in the Franches-Montagnes involving pack of around 40 huskies:

  • Dog sled rides and introduction to dog sled driving
    A winter activity suitable for individuals, families and groups.
  • Green sled: Huskybike and kart (Parc du Doubs)
    This activity takes place in spring, autumn and winter when there is enough snow for dog sledding. It is a ride on a scooter drawn by two huskies. For safety reasons, these "expeditions" are for adults only. Option for children with Huskybike ride and/or accompanied kart ride with guide and eight huskies. The Huskybike is also possible for adults or teens with a calm husky. There is no greater risk than when using a sled or horse.
  • Husky safari
    A walk with a husky harnessed to the waist. Available all year round.
  • Huskies & nomadic life
    A summer adventure for individual guests, families with children, or groups. The program includes an encounter with the huskies in one of the largest packs in Switzerland, or the Husky Safari with gourmet snacks in a tipi or in the open air. As an option – intuitive archery and other activities.
    Package for half a day in the company of a pack of polar dogs, combining leisure/sport excursions for the public and friendly gourmet tasting around a fire in a tepee tent. The details of the programme are here.
    Back to Nature with a discovery from huskies to trees. Program in details here.

Good to know

  • Anouk Duflon has a pack of 30 huskies and her "pensioners". She is a real enthusiast who knows, respects and deeply loves her dogs. She expresses this bond between animals and humans in the tourist services she offers.
  • Online booking available on the website of Jura Escapades

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Sled dogs - all year round

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