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Golf, La Caquerelle

"We’re off to a little competition among friends and meet at the golf course of La Caquerelle, where the new 9-hole green awaits us. With the necessary equipment and teacher in tow (indispensable!) we head for the first hole. Now it’s time to show some talent, because it really isn’t easy to hit the ball with the club just right. You have to know which club to use, and kick the ball off correctly without hitting holes in the ground next to it. Eventually the realization dawns that the ball never ends up where we want it to... But the time spent out in nature and the fun we had regardless of some disappointment made it well worth our while. It looks so easy on TV, but those are professionals!" 


Idyllically situated, “La Caquerelle” is a compact golf course featuring 8 par-3 holes and one par-4 hole accessible for all. The course allows players to make easy progress, yet it is technically challenging and gets progressively more difficult.

Good to know

  • Several packages are available when you make your reservation.
  • The swing-golf, located next to the golf course, is the perfect place for kids.
  • Reservation is required

Maison du Tourisme
Rte de Lorette 10 
2882 St-Ursanne
T.  +41 (0)32 461 00 00

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