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Au fil du Doubs (route no. 95)

"With my sister, who lives in the Zurich area, we decided to explore the banks of the Doubs. As we don't see each other very often, we decided to start with one stage - we opted for the Goumois - Soubey section. We found it very pleasant to follow the course of the Doubs. The landscapes are more varied than we expected and much of the walk passes through forests but, just before Soubey, the valley widens and we walk alongside meadows and even a few cornfields. My sister is keen on butterflies, so she was amazed by the variety and number of species that live on the banks of the Doubs. Bear in mind that we made a little detour after Goumois to visit the waterfall at the Vautenaivre reach; although it is a match for the fountain of Vaucluse, this place is completely unknown. A few weeks after this first experience, we met up again for the Soubey - St-Ursanne stage, which was wonderful. We have already planned to walk the two remaining stages from Brenets to Goumois, but this time with an overnight stay so we can enjoy an evening by the waterside."

Alice and her sister

The full route comprises 4 stages between Les Brenets and St-Ursanne.

1st day: Les Brenets - La Maison-Monsieur, 5h30, 22 km
No catering options along the way.
Accommodation: B&B Le Caprice and Maison-Monsieur
Don't miss: the Saut-du-Doubs, a 27 m waterfall.

2nd day: La Maison-Monsieur - Goumois, 5h30, 22 km
Along the way: Restaurant de BiaufondMaison Biaufond, Le Theusseret (T. +41 (0) 32 951 14 51).
Accommodation: Hôtel du Doubs, Goumois.
This stage can be shortened, with accommodation options at  Maison Biaufond or Le Theusseret (T. +41 (0) 32 951 14 51).

3rd day: Goumois - Soubey, 4h00, 16 km
No catering options along the way.
Accommodation: Hôtel du Cerf, Soubey
Don't miss: the stained glass windows of Soubey Church created by the Jura artist from Basle, Coghuf.

4th day: Soubey - St-Ursanne, 4h30, 18 km
Along the way: Tariche Restaurant, option to cross the Doubs by boat.

Easy, very slight gradient. The route runs alongside the river.

Good to know

  • There is no luggage transport service for this route.
  • Hotel reservations are to be made personally.

Au fil du Doubs (route no. 95)

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