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A looping route starting from Delémont

"This was a full day. I live in the town of Delémont and, since I was a child, I have been a lover of the countryside. Nature has always been my playground. A few years have passed since then, but my love of nature has not changed at all. On Sundays I usually set off by myself into the forest. I have been a member of a hiking group so I don't have to walk alone, as my wife is not keen on the long routes and none of my three children has caught the walking bug. All the same, what motivates me more than anything is the chance to share my constant sense of amazement at nature that has remained intact since the dawn of time. Even in this age of space exploration, nothing gives me more pleasure and satisfaction than wandering on foot over the mountains and through the valleys of our countryside. Here, in Delémont, my favourite place, I love the uplands, Le Béridier and La Haute-Borne. As I climb the pasture of the Vorbourg, the wild strawberries, raspberries and wild blackberries add flavour to the seasons. The view of Delémont and its surroundings from Le Béridier is worth the trip by itself. And as I climb towards La Haute-Borne, I often hear the sound of the birds and the quivering forest and experience the scents of moist earth, lime trees, honeysuckle, sap and many different flowers. The midday break at La Haute-Borne is always welcome, just to settle myself and ease my hunger a little. All in all, these are beautiful days full of charm and each time is a complete experience for the senses."

Henri, a nature lover

Route: Delémont - Le Vorbourg - La Haute Borne - Domont - Delémont
Duration: 4h30
Distance: 16 km

Steep gradient until La Haute Borne

Good to know

  • Catering option at the Vorbourg, at La Haute-Borne
    (T. +41 (0) 32 422 14 15).
  • Don't miss: the Jura Museum of Art and History in Delémont.
  • This walk is described in detail in the Jura Rando hiking guide "Delémont et sa région" ("Delémont and the region").


Profile of the route | PDF, 284 kB

A looping route starting from Delémont

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