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Educational trails in the canton of Jura

"I had always heard people talking about the 'Sentier des Faînes' trail, so this fine autumn Sunday was an opportunity to go there. We meet up with our friends in Boncourt. Just one thing: if you have young children, you shouldn't follow the first brown sign for "Sentier des Faînes", which you will see as you enter the village; indeed, if you set off from here you will make the walk about fifteen minutes longer and you can avoid this stretch by leaving from the middle of the village. Dotted with wooden sculptures, the route is very exciting for children, who run from one work to the next and enjoy working out who or what each sculpture represents. The climb towards the panoramic Tower is not too long and it is great fun in the forest. The kids get quite excited and run ahead to be the first to reach the top. The view is fabulous... as we come back down, we stop for a picnic at a place equipped with a playground; the children enjoy themselves so much that we have trouble getting them to leave!!! If you have children under six, I think it would be a better idea to take the short route back to the starting point."

Edwige and family


You can find details of the following educational trails at the website of Randonature :




The routes below are described in part:

Educational trails in the canton of Jura

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