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Franco-Swiss Contraband Trails

“I departed from Morteau in France for a 5-day walk along a trail which would take me to Chaux-de-Fonds. Or at least I hoped it would because it seemed that there were various puzzles awaiting me along the way! I got out my ‘Orlogeur guidebook’ which I printed in advance at home and started to read it. I discovered a letter from my ancestor Philémon which informed me that I was going to inherit some secret knowledge about his job: as a contraband watchmaker! Was it legal? Shame because I was setting off in search of my grandfather! All along this route in France and Switzerland there are fun totem poles, charming landscapes, the meandering Doubs river and the country border… A walk rich in discoveries! And that’s not all because I was also able to visit various watch-making museums, providing me with mysterious insight. One, two, three… Go! More than 2 pieces and I will finally be able to unlock the mechanism which will demonstrate my watch-making learnings!" 


Le Colporteur:

Route: St-Ursanne - St-Hippolyte
Duration of section: 3 days
Distance : 45 km
Gradient: 1250 m

Technically: easy
Physically: difficult

Two other hiking trails ("L'Orlogeur" and "La Bricotte") and one bike route are also available on

Good to know

  • Do not forget to book the acomodations in advance
  • Take ID papers


Le Colporteur | PDF, 9.14 MB

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Franco-Swiss Contraband Trails

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