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Tiergart - Plain Fayen (route no. 451)

"This glorious summer's day begins right next to the bus stop in Vicques. The bold architecture of the modern 20th century church always makes an impression on the passer-by. I go inside to take a look at the stained glass windows by Schorderet. As I climb towards the forest cabin of Le Pré-Godat, I enjoy a fabulous view of the town of Delémont and its surroundings. On a well-shaded path, the Tiergarten gorge seems to me like an ode to the "Holy Land" of the Val Terbi - an absolute pleasure! The joyful stream of the Gabiare invites you to enjoy a paddle... the cool water really feels like it is doing you good. At the end of the gorge, I see the valley of Vermes opening before me. I reach the valley by walking along a path surrounded by completely preserved nature. I have read that Vermes is a very old village. In the 6th century AD, it included a Merovingian abbey under the control of the abbey of Moutier-Grandval. Its church houses historic frescos from the 15th century, listed in the UNESCO inventory of cultural heritage, so I made sure to stop there. Continuing my trek right next to the religious building, the botanical path with many information signs leads me onto the Plain Fayen, where the well-equipped forest cabin offers me the opportunity to grill the chop taken straight out of my rucksack and, despite appearances, it tastes delicious with a little "drop of red". The descent to Corban allows me to experience landscapes that spring up amid unspoilt and wild nature, far from stress and pollution."

Henri, a nature lover

Route: Vicques - Tiergarten - Vermes - Plain Fayen - Corban
Duration: 3h40
Distance: 12 km
Gradient: 600 m

Technically: medium
Physically: medium
Climb from Vermes to Plain Fayen

Good to know

  • The walk begins in front of the Vicques community centre, very close to the modern church of Pierre Dumas.
  • The gorges formed by the Gabiare are worth the trip by themselves.
  • The church of Vermes is decorated with frescos from the 15th century; it is also the starting point for a very well-equipped botanical path.


Profile of the route | PDF, 293 kB

Tiergart - Plain Fayen (route no. 451)

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