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Nordic Walking in the region Ajoie

"Ajoie with its vast plains is ideal for Nordic walking, but today I’ve decided to give the “ticker” a better workout with a challenging climb halfway through the route. Setting off from the Réclère Caves, I plan to head for the village of Roche d’Or and then up to the Faux d’Enson observation tower. The route’s a pleasant one, half in forest and half over open terrain, and I relish the comparative silence of the forest. Later, I switch on my Walkman, adjust my pace to the rhythm of the different songs and start day-dreaming … But hey! Now’s not the time to let up on technique: heel down first, then roll your foot through the step and thrust well back with your arms – that’s what the instructor told us! At Roche d’Or, I visit the chapel to admire Yves Riat’s stained-glass windows – a welcome break before the climb up to Faux d’Enson. The panoramic view from the top of the tower is stupendous: to the north, the Alps, still covered in snow, and to the south – through the Belfort Gap – the Alsace Plain and the Vosges mountains. A magic encounter with Nature!"


Discover the Ajoie: six new dedicated Nordic Walking routes starting from Porrentruy, apart from route 6 which starts near the Réclère Caves and Prehistory Park.
Route 1: Ste-Croix loop, 6.5 km, easy
Route 2: Villars loop, 8.5 km, moderate
Route 3: Bressaucourt loop, 8.5 km, moderate
Route 4: Courtedoux loop, 10.5 km, moderate
Route 5: Courgenay loop, 12.5 km, strenuous
Route 6: Réclère loop, 6.5 km, moderate

Good to know

  • Orientation tables at Porrentruy and Réclère provide a complete overview of the routes.


Nordic Walking Routes | PDF, 4.27 MB

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Nordic Walking in the region Ajoie

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