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Routes without obstacles

"Lucelle - I seem to remember reading that name in a book about Cistercian abbeys. I decide to go there, not really sure whether it is in Switzerland or France. In fact, I discover that the European meeting centre is in France and the former abbey straddles the border. Although the place is steeped in history, it must be said that there isn't much for the uninitiated to see here. All the same, I take the chance to enjoy a nice walk around the lake, which looks wonderful on this fine spring day."


Route: Lucelle
Duration: 0h30
Distance: 2 km

Route: St-Ursanne
Duration: 2h
Distance : 10 km 

Route: Saignelégier
Duration: 2h35
Distance: 11 km 

Difficulty (for the three routes)
Medium (for wheelchair users)

Good to know

  • The webpage of SwitzerlandMobile reviews numerous trails without obstacles, three of them in the canton of Jura.
  • These routes are also suitable for baby strollers.

Routes without obstacles

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