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The Valdorée

"We live in Laufen and particularly enjoy walking in the Jura. One day, we saw that a new walk had been created, the Valdorée: a sort of round trip of the two valleys surrounding Delémont. We gave in to temptation and it took us three months to complete all of the stages (10 days of holiday would have been enough!). There is a surprising variety of landscapes. We still remember the forests on the uplands of Delémont, the viewpoints, particularly at Montsevelier, the beautiful picnic spots you can find throughout the route and, last but not least, the blackberries that we picked in large numbers to make jelly. We enjoyed walking on untarmaced paths with very good signposting, so thank you to those who had this wonderful idea."

Nora and Franz

Route: Delémont - Recolaine - Courchapoix - Montsevelier - Mervelier - Vermes - Rebeuvelier - Courrendlin - Châtillon - Berlincourt - Glovelier - Delémont
Duration: four days
Distance: 76 km

Medium. A few occasional slopes.

1st day: Delémont - Montsevelier, 5h30, 19,3 km
Along the way: restaurant at Vicques or Courchapoix. 
Don't miss: viewpoint between Delémont and Recolaine and Tiergarten gorge.

2nd day: Montsevelier - Rebeuvelier - Courrendlin, 5h10, 19,3 km
Along the way: restaurants in Mervelier, Vermes, Rebeuvelier or Courrendlin.
Don't miss: the Aventure Parc in Rebeuvelier.

3rd day: Courrendlin - Glovelier, 5h00, 19,3 km
Along the way: restaurants in Châtillon, Berlincourt or Glovelier.
Don't miss: La Chocolatière in Glovelier and the Chêne des Bosses oak tree in Châtillon.

4th day: Glovelier - Delémont, 5h00, 18,1 km
Along the way: the Château de Domont restaurant.
Don't miss: the Château de Domont and the old town of Delémont.

Package hiking + hotel or camping
6 days - 5 nights

Day 1 : arrival at the accommodation
Day 2 : route Delémont - Montsevelier 
Day 3 : route Montsevelier - Courrendlin
Day 4 : route Courrendlin - Glovelier
Day 5 : route Glovelier - Delémont
Day 6 : end of the stay

For additional information, please see the PDF below


Information and route map | PDF, 5.08 MB
Package hiking | PDF, 1.05 MB
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