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Via Jura (route no. 80)

"In fine autumn weather, I take the PostBus from Delémont towards Val Terbi. After a few minutes on the bus, I get off at Vicques, leaving the village to the west before heading through a valley to reach Rebeuvelier on a small plateau. After about 500m across the meadows, the one-and-a-half-hour climb to Mont Raimeux begins along an old path closed to traffic. In this season, fortunately for me, the few rays of sunshine passing through the fir trees on the reverse slope do not bring me out in a sweat. The castle of Raymontpierre, the hunting lodge of a nobleman from the former principality of Basle, stands proudly on a terrace. One last effort and there I am at the summit. To make even more of the view of the Jura, Alsace and even the Vosges and the Black Forest in the background, as well as the entire chain of the Alps to the south, I climb the tower built during the First World War as a look-out post to watch the opposing armies' fire. The cows are grazing on the last few blades of grass in the pastures before returning to the valleys. I quench my thirst at the Bergerie-Restaurant in Raimeux de Grandval before enjoying a hearty meal. As I am in no hurry to begin the descent towards the Grand-Val, I constantly admire this wonderful landscape with the Alps in the background, from Les Diablerets to the Säntis. Halfway down, as the path is replaced by a rocky trail, I take a break for a few minutes at a former sheep farm sheltered beneath a seam of rocks. Legend has it that conscripts would hide in these rocks to avoid being recruited to the Napoleonic armies. Three quarters of an hour later, at the edge of the forest, I turn to the west and head through the pastures towards Belprahon. Soon I catch sight of Moutier and in a few minutes I arrive at the station: the end of a brilliant autumn hike."

Virgile, a lover of Le Raimeux

The full route comprises 7 stages between Basle and Biel/Bienne.

Section 3: Laufon - Delémont
Duration: 5h50
Distance: 20 km
Gradient: 740 m

Section 4: Delémont - Moutier
Duration: 8h45
Distance: 28 km
Gradient: 1150 m

Technically: easy (hiking trail)
Physically: medium (except section 4: difficult)

Good to know

  • The castle of Soyhières, situated above the village, can be visited when a white flag is flying. A nice place to stop before reaching Delémont.
  • Before you reach the summit of Mont Raimeux and the Signal lookout point, don't miss the chance to visit the castle of Raymontpierre.


Castle of Soyhières | PDF, 20 kB
Castle of Raymontpierre | PDF, 19 kB
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