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Bressaucourt Regional Aerodrome

"Even faster than the TGV: from Paris, it takes less than two hours to Bressaucourt, the regional customs airport with advance notification of arrival. Here I can also fill the tank with kerosene – no problem either for my pilot friends who fly on AVGAS 100LL or unleaded, because that is available as well. The landing is interesting, sometimes sporty if there’s a lot of wind. But the tarmac runway is long enough (800 meters) and the terrain open. The surroundings are idyllic: the tower resembles a UFO which has landed in a field, the terrace of the restaurant invites to linger, and the airfield staff attending full-time are very friendly. I can only recommend this place!"


The Jura airport is situated in Bressaucourt near Porrentruy and offers leisure aviation, commercial flights, as well as gliding and skydiving. The restaurant Le Cockpit invites to take a break and watch the departing airplanes.

Good to know

Aérodrome du Jura
Plain Tertre 175
2904 Bressaucourt
T. +41 (0) 32 466 60 73
F. +41 (0) 32 466 60 75

Bressaucourt Regional Aerodrome

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